Outdoor Rooms

All Decked Out is known for building great outdoor living and entertaining spaces, but we also construct outdoor rooms. An existing outdoor area can easily be transformed into an enclosed living space protected from the weather with the addition of an outdoor room.

As more people work from home, now is a great time to look at ways to renovate or make an addition to your home.

Our approach at All Decked Out is to create outdoor spaces that utilise the land available to best meet the needs of clients. Our experience enables us to present multiple options that add creative features, optimise the use of an outdoor area, and are built with quality workmanship and care.

Outdoor Room

This customer wanted to increase the living space for their home. We worked with them to design a space that could be used for entertaining with a second kitchen and a large, open multi-purpose room.

Rooms at the back of a house can often be dark if they are on the shaded side of the property. This room is full of light with the use of extensive glass panelling for the walls and polycarbonate sheeting for the pitched roof.

The living space is ideal for relaxing, spending time with family, having a barbeque, or working from home. Adding an outdoor room is a great renovation that doesn’t break the bank.

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Instagram date: 15/2/2023

Construction of Pool Decking and Pavilion

This before-and-after video shows the construction of a new swimming pool with decking and an outdoor pavilion. All Decked Out was responsible for designing and building the outdoor living space around the pool.

An outdoor pavilion is great addition for a home. It is ideal addition for a swimming pool as it provides covered protection for housing an outdoor kitchen, dining space, and big screen TV.

Lighting and ceiling fans make a pavilion a comfortable venue for those long summer evenings.

The flooring for the pavilion and the pool decking used @ekodeck_ composite decking. This environmentally friendly decking has a long life with no maintenance. This is ideal for wet areas such as those around a pool.

Whether you are considering a new pool or an outdoor space that is under cover, All Decked Out can provide you with a range of options to make your next home addition or renovation a great living space.

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Instagram date: 3/2/2023

Outdoor Multi-purpose Room and Garage

All Decked Out does more than decking! This before-and-after video shows the construction of an outdoor living space consisting of a multi-purpose room and garage with rendered walls and a ceiling that is fully insulated.

This room will have a garage door and is connected to the house by a carport with an insulated roof and a covered open gable pergola.

This enables the property’s residents to access the new structure with under cover access protected from the weather. The customers in this video have significantly increased the living space for their property.

This project highlights the opportunity to be creative with outdoor spaces. The enclosed multi-purpose room can be used as an entertaining space, e.g., for playing table tennis, or for locking away vehicles and storing items.

An outdoor room is often the most cost effective way to add living space that also adds to the value of your property.

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Instagram date: 19/1/2023

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